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What is the City of Zargis?
It’s dark urban fantasy in a dieselpunk setting.  Jazz Age noir in a world powered by magic. Zargis is the greatest city along the Spiral Highway, a road that crosses through alternate realities. It is a nexus for strange creatures and dark forces from across the multiverse. In this first comic, Rodzi Romano, Zargis’ only Master Private Scry, begins his day searching for a missing person but before the end will be drawn into a murderous corporate conspiracy.

What’s Going on Here?
Here you will find comics, music set in the universe (multiverse?) of Zargis and the Spiral Highway.

Who’s Doing This?
Hi, I’m Shane Edward Semler. I love comics, music, games, fantasy and sci-fi. I’ve been making art and music my entire life. More recently I’ve been working on games. Zargis is my first attempt to create a comic series that is released on a regular basis. It started out as a game but the world it takes place in needed a lot of backstory to give the place and characters a history, specifically Zargis and one of the main NPCs, Rodzi Romano. As I’m a very visual person simply writing notes wouldn’t cut it. Now I have a comic! In fact, I’ve decided to set games aside and work on the comic full time. For now, I plan on releasing one comic page a week. If that works out, I’ll up the output to two pages per week. I’ll also semi-regularly release music inspired by and created for Zargis. I also plan on making prints available.

Is This Free?
The comic is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. It’s free for anyone to read and share. Of course making it takes a lot of time and as they say, time is money – so I’m the only one paying for at the moment. I will be creating a Patreon so others can help me continue making comics and art full time.

All events in this work are fictitious and subject to retroactive continuity at any time without prior notice. Any resemblance to real people, places or things is purely coincidental.